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Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

It is always a good idea to add fishing to your Iceland adventure


Char fishing in July

Comment: We thank you very much for the perfect trip organization to which we give the highest score...

Pictures from one of yesterday's day tours

Father and son fishing on Holaa river

Availability in the Lower Ranga

Last minute cancellation in the beginning of August

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Laxá river in Mývatnssveit

Is this the best Brown trout fishing in the prettiest landscape in the world? You can be the judge of that.

Leirá in Leirársveit

Small, 2 rod salmon and sea-trout stream, only 20 min drive from Reykjavik.


Brennan is the junction pool of Thverá and Hvítá rivers. With its charming lodge and 3 rods it is a perfect location for small groups and families.

Goose hunting in Iceland 2017

The Melar hunting grounds are some of the very best goose hunting areas in Europe. Prime time September - November.

Caribou hunting in Greenland

Caribou hunting in Greenland is something you need to try, it's impressive and totally different.

Barnacle geese

Special hunting trip to the South East of Iceland to hunt for Barnacle geese.