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The Icelandic Yule-lads

Do you know the whole Icelandic Christmas story? 13 Santa Clauses, trolls, Christmas cat, elves...

Unique trout adventure in Iceland

Experience all the beauties and the wide variety of trout fishing in Iceland

Sea angling in 2018

Perfect for groups and families

Add fishing to your Iceland adventure

Wide variety of fishing day tours, suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers

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Langa river

The legendary Langa is a real beauty in West Iceland. There you fish Atlantic salmon with light rods and small flies.

Leira river in Leirarsveit

Small, 2 rod salmon and sea-trout stream, only 30 min drive from Reykjavik.


Brennan is the junction pool of Thvera and Hvita rivers. With its charming lodge and 3 rods it is a perfect location for small groups and families.

Goose hunting in Iceland 2018

The Melar hunting grounds are some of the very best goose hunting areas in Europe. Prime time September - November.

Musk Ox Hunting in Greenland - winter

Greenland adventure with Iceland Outfitters. How about going musk ox hunting in Greenland?

Musk Ox & caribou hunting in Greenland 2018

Join us on the most exciting and unique hunt of the year. Musk ox and carbou hunting in Greenland.