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Laxa river in dolum 12-14 July

Just came available 2 day´s party in Laxa river in dolum, this is exciting, big fish and Hitch

The lodge is on the fishing bank so no car is needed while fishing

3 day salmon fishing combo in Iceland - Prime time 2019

Super good days on Brennan and Straumar Junction pools

Langa river

1 open rod in Langa river early July prime dates

Lower Rangá river - 2019 availability

How about catching some salmon this summer?

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Mid-highlands of Iceland

The perfect location for an adventurous nature lover. Fishing on the highlands of Iceland provides you with the experience of being all alone with the nature.

Brennan junction pool

Brennan is the junction pool of Thvera and Hvita rivers. With its charming lodge and 3 rods it is a perfect location for small groups and families.

Skjalfandafljot river

Skjalfandafljot river is one of a kind. This large, strong river with good sized salmon, set in picturesque surroundings is a favourite of ours.

Goose hunting in Iceland

The Melar hunting grounds are some of the very best goose hunting areas in Europe. Prime time September - November.

Musk Ox Hunting in Greenland - winter

Greenland adventure with Iceland Outfitters. How about going musk ox hunting in Greenland?

Reindeer hunting in Iceland

How about reindeer hunting in the land of Ice and fire?