About Iceland Outfitters


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Iceland Outfitters is a family run travel agency with the goal of offering the best fishing and hunting tours in Iceland.

Guests come from all over the world, individuals, friends, families and corporate tours. Iceland Outfitters only offer the best rivers, lakes and hunting grounds to their clients

Iceland Outfitters was started in 2014, but the founders, Harpa Hlin Thordardottir and Stefán Sigurdsson had previously been working in the fishing travel most of their lives. Johanna G. Johannesdottir has been a part of our team from the beginning.

We are 3 people at the main office and several agents selling for us around the world, both private and travel agencies. Then our most important people, the ones you will spend your holiday with are the guides and drivers, we have 15 highly qualified fishing and hunting guides in our team.

Life is better when you fish!

Team Iceland Outfitters

Our team

Harpa Hlín Thordardottir

CEO/Owner - sales


Stefán Sigurdsson

CFO/Owner - sales


Jóhanna G. Jóhannesdóttir (Lilla)

Operations, sales and marketing


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Svetlana Moroshkina

Representative in Russia

Aleksi Stenfors

Representative in Finland. A hunting specialist, guide and photographer


Rafn E. Magnússon

Representative in Sweden - Fiske i Island


PescaSalmon.com, Tino Faez and Ben Harvey

Representatives in Spain

Fabrice Bergues

Representative in France


Johanna G. Johannesdottir (Lilla). Iceland Outfitters office

Svetlana Moroshkina (right) from Russia, lives in Iceland

Rafn E. Magnússon representative in Sweden

Ben and Tino from Pescasalmon.com representatives in Spain

Aleksi Stenfors, representative in Finland. Hunting specialist.