Sea angling

Flag of Iceland Iceland

Mid-highlands of Iceland

The perfect location for an adventurous nature lover. Fishing on the highlands of Iceland provides you with the experience of being all alone with the nature.

Laxá river in Laxárdalur

Laxá is one of the best Brown trout rivers in the world.

Fossa river

Big waterfalls and big salmon in spectacular scenery.


small river and big Brownies

Holaá river

Productive trout and Arctic char river close to Reykjavik - The perfect fishing location for day tours.

Lakesystem Lysa

Located on the famous Snaefellsnes peninsula. Large fishing area with wide variety of fishing. Perfect for families and groups.

Laxá river in Mývatnssveit

Is this the best Brown trout fishing in the prettiest landscape in the world? You can be the judge of that.


Nordfjardará river - Arctic char

One of the best Arctic char secrets in Iceland. Annual average catch approx 1000 char on 3 rods.

Arctic char from Nordfjardara
Nordfjardará is one of top 3 char rivers in Iceland
Arctic char

Reykjadalsá river

Iceland, trout fishing. Dry Fly heaven in the north of Iceland.

Trophy trout, Lake Thingvellir ION beat

The Ice Age Trout is amazingly strong and if you hook one, you just have to hope that you have enough line on your reel

Tungufljót in Skaftafell

One of the best Sea trout rivers in Iceland with a good chance of a 20 pounder

Varma river

Varma's uniqueness is to offer all freshwater species that live in Iceland; brown trout, sea trout, arctic char and Atlantic salmon.

Flag of Russia Russia

Jurassic Lake Lodge Argentina

Biggest Rainbow trouts in the world, Let your Rainbow dream come true.