Goose hunting in Iceland

Goose hunting starts August 20th and we are already almost fully booked. In spring the farmers sow the barley and the geese start to arrive from Europe to nest. In a month's time we will see these geese laying on nests all over the wetlands of Iceland.

Available prime dates:

22nd-24th September, 5th-7th October, 19th-21st October, 26th-28th October.

Combination of ptarmigan hunting and goose hunting is available: November 11th to 15th

The goose hunting season starts August 20th:

Prime time for hunting geese is from mid September to mid November.

Iceland Outfitters offers two 3 day packages for the goose hunt. There are two different price categories, full service or self catering.

Here you can read more about the goose hunt, but please ask us for the program

Our tours are all tailor made, so it is easy for us to change the itinerary to suit you. Many choose to use the opportunity to combine trout or salmon fishing with the goose hunting package, which is an option until late October.

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Best regards, Stefán