Our top tips on booking a fishing trip to Iceland

Many anglers dream about fishing in Iceland and in a way it's almost the Mecca of salmon fishing to many fishermen. The beautiful clear waters, small flies, single handed rods and a lot of fish make the Icelandic rivers very special indeed.

Here is a bit of advice when booking your fishing trip to Iceland.

You can share a rod

We have 12 hours of fishing every day which is sometimes a long fishing day for most people, it can though be very enjoyable sharing a rod and is cheaper too. You can then use the opportunity to just sit on the river bank, watch your partner fishing and take it easy. The only added cost is accommodation and transfers.

Hire a guide.

The guides are professional and save you a lot of time searching for fish and pools and is so worth it. You can then sit relaxed knowing that the guide is taking good care of you and helping you to achieve maximum success. The price for a nice rental car is similar to hiring a guide.

Smaller and self catering rivers

In Iceland we have lots of smaller rivers, 2-3 rod with a similar average catch as the bigger rivers and are ideal for smaller groups who want to stay private and have the river to themselves. These come in self catering or with the opton of hiring a chef. All the facilities on the rivers have a barbecue and a kitchen so it is easy to prepare something tasty.

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Best regards, Stefán