Hróarslækur river 2016

Here is an interesting option for those who want to go salmon fishing in Iceland next summer for fear price.

Hróarslækur river runs from the roots of the volcano Hekla and is 25 km long icluding 8 km of fishing water. Hróarslækur runs into West Rangá just below the famous waterfall Ægisíðufoss, near the small town of Hella.

The 8 km part of the river which we fish is a rather small river, with 22 named pools. Hróarslækur is made for single handed rods or switch rods. There is always plenty of water in Hróarslækur, so anglers don´t have to be worry about low water during dry summers.

Prime time is from 25 July until end of August. 200 salmon was caught in August and beginning of September 2015

There are only 4 rods that fish the river so anglers can easily rent the river for a small group of people or families.

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Best regards, Stefán