Rivers with self catering cottages in Iceland

Rivers with self-catering cottages or lodges are really popular, Many anglers enjoy the privacy of being alone with their friends and family, giving them the opportunity to relax regarding the fishing hours, barbecue in the evening and just sit back and enjoy life.

Iceland Outfitters have an array of good rivers with their own self-catering fishing cottages or lodges and here below is a list of available rivers which we recommend.


3 rod beat junction of Thverá and Hvitá rivers, Good average catch set in a really lovely location.


2 rod beat, good average catch in a pretty area, junction of Nordurá and Hvitá rivers.


3 rod river, self catering lodge, good average catch

Fnjóska River

8 rod river, with self catering lodge every 2 rods share lodge. A real gem.

Leirvogsá river

2 rod river in the heart of the Reykjavik area, one of the top rivers in Iceland. There is no lodge, but the river is practically in Reykjavik

Brynjudalsá river

2 rod river, only 4 min drive from Reykjavik, a new 3 bedroom cottage comes with the river.

Fossá river

2 rod river, prime fishing is during the autumn, with large waterfalls and spectacular scenery, good average size.

Hróarslækur river

4 rods river only 100 km from Reykjavik, West Rangá's little sister, good value, good combination with West Rangá.

Skjalfandafljót river

Large river, good size salmon in a beautiful area, one of our favourites.

Sog river Tannastadir

2 rod beat, good self catering lodge only 50 km from Reykjavik.

Best regards, Stefán