Salmon fishing season is almost here

It is less than 25 days until the first salmon rivers open here in Iceland and we are getting really excited about it. It all starts on the June 5th in Nordurá and Blandá rivers and a few other beats like Straumar and Brenná which are in the same river system as Nordurá. Most of the rivers open from mid June to the first days of July, some of the rivers are early season and other very late season, but the prime time over all in Iceland is mainly from July 10th until August 20th. Most of the rivers close around 15th-20th September, but we do have a few rivers who have their prime fishing in September and those rivers close from September 30th - October 20th We have about 4 months of good salmon fishing every year and the prime time is different in every each river and each area.

Please send us email if you need more information about the fishing in Iceland.

Hope to see most of you this season.


Best regards, Stefán