What kind of flies should I bring to Iceland for the smaller rivers?

We have several types of salmon rivers here in Iceland. When I am asked the question what kind of flies should I bring to Iceland? My first question is; what type of water is going to be fished? In Iceland we have many small rivers, some medium sized rivers, larger rivers like the Rangá system and some glacial rivers.

Fishing in small rivers

It all depends on the water level in the river, most of the time we use small flies in sizes 10-16 on double or triple hook. long leaders in weight 4-5 kg. it is normally very sensitive fishing, so you have to put your fly on the right spot to have the chance to hook them. When the fish is running riffling hitch is the most effective technique you can use and then we mostly use small hitch tubes or the Portland knot on the fly. It is really exciting fishing when you see the salmon come up for the fly and grab it. If the water is high or even in coloured water we use bigger heavier flies and tubes, sometimes using sink tip. In dry summers when the water is very low and water temperature is very high the salmon go to the bottom of the deepest pools they can or go under banks where the have shelter from the sun, then they don't move much for the fly, so we use micro cone head flies and fish them like we are nymphing for trout even fish upstream and get the fly to sink and strip slowly. This is all about getting the fly at the same level as the salmon and get the fly in their faces.

List of best flies

Normal water

Black and red frances, Blue charm, Colly Dog, Green Brahan, Haugur, black and Blue, Green butt, Munro Killer, Colburn special, Night hawk, Black sheep and many more, Most importand is to have, few of each colour in your box.

HitcH Tubes Running fish,

Haugur, Colly dog, Sunray shadow, Green Butt

Micro Cones for low water

Frances red, Frances Black, Colly dog, Black and blue, Green brahan, Munro Killer,

Tubes for high water

Snælda all colors, Frances red, Frances Black, Sunray shadow, Bismo Sunray or HKA Sunray, Black and Blue,

You can get all these flies in most of the tackle shops here in Iceland

I hope you find this information helpful for your visit to Iceland.

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Best regards, Stefán