Fishing in Kamchatka

Fishing in Kamchatka

August 10th - 19th, 2015

Ready for the adventure of a life time? Where do you get to fish for 6 species of salmon? Well, that would be in Russia, in Tigil river in Kamchatka.

This is a tour, only, YES! ONLY for the most adventurous anglers around the world. We travel in big GTS trucks taking us through the wilderness of Kamchatka. We have bodygards to protect us from bears which we will be feeding on the rivers we fish. In Esso town our accomodation is a nice house with all modern facilities and by Tigil river a fishing lodge by the river which although not luxury is perfectly suitable for the fishing we will be doing.

Iceland Outfitters is hosting a group of 4 – 5 anglers to Kamchatcka in August.

We will fish Tigil river for 5 days. Tigil river is a remote river and a fisherman's paradise. It's located in the far northern corner of the peninsula right in the midst of an immense wilderness and it is absolutely teeming with salmon. The river is 40 meters wide and 0.5 - 3 meters deep with a quiet current, clear water and is easy for wading. This is the fishing tour of a lifetime and should not to be missed.

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Best regards, Harpa Hlín