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Hróarslaekur river - salmon fishing in Iceland

Here is a river worth checking out, Hróarslaekur river. We just took over this lovely river, Hróarslaekur which is located in the South of Iceland, about 1 hours drive from Reykjavik.

Hróarslækur is a 4-rod salmon river that runs into West Rangá river. It's a small and delicate stream with beautiful pools and a good variety of fishing water.

Prime time for Hróarslaekur river is from the end of July continuing through August.

There is no lodge by Hróarslaekur river, but there is plenty of accommodation options in the area. A group of 4 - 6 anglers could even take a couple of rods on West Rangá with Hroarslaekur and make a rotation between the two rivers.

Because of it's location, Hróarslaekur is perfect for a fishing day tour from Reykjavik or as a combination with many of our salmon/trout/char rivers and lakes.

Here you can read about Hróarslaekur river. Salmon fishing Hróarslaekur

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