ICELAND - What's on in Iceland in June?

What's on in Iceland in June?

Fun festivals in Iceland, summer 2015.

There are plenty of festivals and celebrations going on around Iceland this summer. Here is a list of just some of the things going on in June:

  • June: 12th-13th "THE LAMBCHOP" Barbecue festival in Selfoss. Selfoss is about a 45 min drive from Reykjavík and next weekend is their barbecue festival which is running for the sixth year. The smell is amazing, lots to taste and enjoy. Icelandic food producers set up market stalls to offer samples and promote their wares. Lots of things to do and see, not just eat. THE LAMB CHOP Selfoss, South Iceland.

  • June 17th This is Iceland's national day and is celebrated all over the country, more about that in another article coming very soon. All around Iceland

  • June 24th-25th Forestry day..very interesting as Iceland is not known for its trees, but this area of Iceland has many trees...for Iceland. Hallormstaðir is in a beautiful area in the east of Iceland. Lots of fun going on there during this weekend in the forest, for example games, fun runs, mountain runs, barbecues and much more. Egilsstadir, East Iceland

  • June 26th-28th Lobster festival in Höfn which is very near to the large glacier Vatnajökull. Höfn is well known for lobster fishing, so it's not surprising that there is a summer lobster festival held there every year and has been held every year since 1993. Here's a chance to taste lobster soup and the world's longest lobster sandwich which gets longer every year! Then enjoy a wander around the town, the streets and gardens are all decorated and lots to do for all the family. One particularly interesting game goes on there, the cowpat bingo game. The meadow is split up into small areas and each area is bet on for a small price, a cow is then led into the meadow and wherever it does its business is the winning area. LOBSTER FESTIVAL Höfn, South East Iceland.

  • June 26th-28th Hveragerði (difficult to pronounce and is often called Hurdy Gurdy by foreigners) has an annual flower exhibition and as it is only a 40 min drive from Reykjavík it's well worth a visit. Hveragerði is a very green and is known as the hot spring capital, there is plenty to do and see with flowers everywhere. This years theme is FLOWER POWER Hveragerdi, South West Iceland

Best regards, Jane