June 17th is Iceland's national day

picture is from 17. June, Reykjavik programme

June 17th is Iceland’s national day and a public holiday.

“Hi ho yibbee yay” is the opening line to the song sung here on that day, not exactly the national anthem, but a fun song which everyone manages to join in on both young and old and no matter the weather most will turn out to celebrate and wave their flags. There are parades, family oriented entertainment, concerts, shows and basically just lots going on.

It is a celebration of Iceland gaining their independence from Denmark in 1944. The date, June 17th was chosen to coincide with the birthday of a man who was the leader of the independence movement in the 19th century, Jón Sigurðsson and in down town Reykjavík you will find a statue of him facing the Icelandic parliament.

A lot of candy floss will be eaten and a lot of helium balloons will be released into the sky by accident on this day so we at Iceland Outfitters will be out there too...unless we are enjoying the day by a river fishing, which let’s face it, is just a great way to spend a day too.

Best regards, Jane