Fun festivals in Iceland, July 2015.

We are so busy here in Iceland, July is in full swing and the sun is shining high in the sky and even more festivals and celebrations are going on around Iceland.

July 17th-19th Medieval days in Gásir (close to Akureyri). The whole village comes to life with all sorts of things going on, so that you get a feel for how things were in the 13th century. It was the main trading post at this time and is mentioned in the old Icelandic sagas. The whole place comes alive during the celebrations and you can almost feel yourself travelling back in time. Several craftsmen show their expertise, for example, blacksmiths, weavers, boat makers, chanters and brimstone cleaners..mmm what is that? could be fun to find out. Also loads of activities going on archery, cookery and rope making to name but a few. A recipe for a great day out I think.

July 24th-27th French Days held in Fáskrúðsfjörður (East fjords), which for a foreigner is almost impossible to pronounce is a fjord in the East of Iceland and the town at the bottom of the fjord is called Búðir. The town itself was a trading post during the latter part of the 18th century and is famous for it´s French connection which seems unusual for Iceland, but there were many French fishermen fishing off the East of Iceland for many years and used it as a base. There is a French museum there and there was once a chapel, hospital and consul there and funnily enough the signs are in French as well as Icelandic, mais oui. So once a year they celebrate this by getting together and doing all sorts of fun stuff with concerts, fireworks and a lot, lot more.

There are many other things going on in Iceland in July, a lot of people are now on holiday so like to travel around, go camping, fishing, stay in summer cottages, go to concerts or visit one of the many festivals going on etc

Best regards, Jane