Salmon season in Iceland

Hróarslækur river

Salmon fishing in Iceland 2015

Of the 25 top salmon rivers in Iceland, there have been 7.094 salmon caught, half of them caught only last week so the fishing is catching up.

If we look at the average catch at this time of year since 2006, it is 7.175 salmon so we are experiencing an average salmon fishing season.

The first river to reach 1000 salmon this year is Nordurá river, with 1.068 caught.

Around Iceland, anglers are complaining that the salmon are entering the rivers slowly and as always when it comes to fishing, there are many explanations as to why the salmon act this way. One, perhaps more likely than others is that because of our volcanic eruption this winter, a sulfur polluted snow is melting into the rivers so the salmon are not too happy about entering them. Some say it will change when we get the next good rain, but there has been drought in many places.

The weather in North and East Iceland has been under 10°C for a long time and the forcast is the same for the next 10 days or so, so it is safe to say that we are having a long spring up in the North this year.

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Kjarrá river

Laxá in Kjós

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