Salmon fishing in West Iceland going well

Photo from Brennan


Just heard from an angler fishing Straumar junction pool. In only one day they hooked over 30 salmon and landed 21, so there is obviously a lot of salmon coming in. Straumar is the juction pool of Nordurá and Hvítá. The salmon passing Straumar are going up to Thverá, Kjarrá, Grímsá and Nordurá rivers so we can expect the good fishing to continue in all of these rivers during the next few days. 130 salmon have been caught so far in the two rod beat at Straumar Junction pool.
Rods available:
  • August 15th-16th (afternoon - noon)
  • August 20th-24th (afternoon - noon)
  • August 28th - September 5th (afternoon - noon)


Brennan is a 3 rod beat, the junction pool of Thverá and Hvítá, above Straumar. There, anglers have caught up to 158 salmon already which is really good.
We have rods available:
  • July 26th-27th (afternoon - noon)
  • August 2nd-4th (afternoon - noon)
  • August 24th-26th (afternoon - noon)
  • August 26th-28th ( - noon)
  • September 3rd-9th (afternoon - noon)


This morning 32 salmon were caught in Thverá river alone.
The only chance to fish in Thverá this year is
August 21st - 23rd (afternoon - noon) which would be a perfect combination with West Rangá August 23rd to 26th.

Best regards, Harpa Hlín