What´s happening in Iceland in August?

What´s happening in Iceland in August?

Although many people are going back to work after their summer holidays there´s still plenty going on in Iceland, many villages and towns are holding farmers markets, craft fairs, concerts, family events and lots more and below are a couple of the favourites.

As we love fish and everything fishy we have to start with this one.

August 8th - Dalvík, North Iceland

The Great Fish day. This is always held on the first or second Saturday in August and is a great day out, many leaving the capital to travel north to Dalvík early on the Friday to make a whole weekend of it. Dalvík is about a 5 hour drive from Reykjavík. There is a fabulous fish feast, fish producers and many members of the public invite guests to taste all sorts of great foods. For example, fresh Japanese shrimp, herring, fish soup, dried fish and fish burgers barbecued on an eight metre long barbecue! and to top it all there is loads of entertainment going on including a great outdoor concert. Everyone is therefore invited to a seafood buffet, to eat all they can and for free! obviously a very popular event.

August 6th-9th - Reykjavík

Arctic handicraft and design Iceland. This has been held for the last 23 years and here you can find about 100 talented individuals showing and selling their exclusive handicrafts which are most often based on old Icelandic traditions. The materials used include fish leather, Icelandic wool and lava from the famous and almost unpronounceable Eyjafjallajökull which famously erupted in 2010. You will also find many delicacies on offer jams, juices, dried fish, quail eggs and a whole range of organic foods. There is lots to do and see for everyone. In Reykjavík there´s Gay Pride held on August 4th-9th this year and as i write this there are many rainbow flags flying outside many buildings including the City hall, one street has even been painted like a massive rainbow and apart from the parade on the Saturday there are loads of events happening for everyone.

August 29th-30th - Reykjavík

Now, if you want to see what our Icelandic farmers and food producers are up to then it's worth a visit to the artisan food market held in Harpa our great concert hall by the sea and there you can taste all sorts of goodies, chocolates, jams, breads, salts, candy, teas and lots lots more.

August 22nd - Reykjavík Cultural Night

Reykjavík Cultural Night and is one of the city's largest festivals. There are celebrations going on all over Reykjavík in the streets and squares, in museums and businesses. You will find street entertainers, concerts and to finish at around midnight a fantastic firework display held by the sea front near to Harpa concert hall. So as you can see there´s still loads to do and see.

Best regards, Jane