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Best Iceland experience ever

I've fished all over the world and I've fished Iceland for a few years, with so-called high profile provider, however, I've never encountered such a well organised and professional outfitter like Iceland Outfitters.

This has been my best experience so far, professionally organised from pre-travel where I received an impeccable travel itinerary, pick up at airport and driving me not only to the Hotel in Reykjavik days before fishing started but also offering me a free ride to an interim lodge that had nothing to do with Iceland Outfitters before I even started fishing with them, I don't even had to ask for it. The fishing was amazing too, everything was taken care of.

Together with a friend and his family we fished West Ranga with Iceland Outfitters this year, same as last year with another provider and there was a huge difference in terms of organisation and execution. In contrast to other providers one can really feel that Iceland Outfitters honestly care for their clients, not only did they provide a perfect guide for us fisherman, both the guide and the Iceland Outfitter's office also took good care of my friend's family when they were not fishing.

When they learned that I never managed to visit a hot spring in Iceland (shame on me) the manager and owner organised a visit at an amazing hot spring location before my flight in the early morning (of course they drove me to the airport, all included), what an amazing experience

And yes, this was/is an amazing year for fishing Icelad, I've never cought as many salmons as this time.

Iceland is really an amazing place and I recommend anyone to visit it. If you do, Iceland Outfitters is the perfect provider, no matter what your plans are, if you're fishing even better.

So see you again next year Iceland Outfitters!!

Best Paolo

Best regards, Harpa Hlín