winter break in Iceland?

How about joining us on a Northern light hunt this winter? The best chance of seeing the northern lights is during a new moon, so let us help you plan your winter break to Iceland.

What we love the most about the Icelandic winter is:

  • Northern lights
  • Long nights, short days
  • All our amazing outdoor heated pools which you can visit no matter how mad the weather is.
  • Skiing
  • sea angling
  • When the sun visits during our short days
  • The wonderful restaurants in Reykjavik. The night is so long you can even have two dinners

So what to do on a 3 day visit to Iceland:

Northern light hunt, sea angling, horse back riding, swimming in our pools or in the Blue Lagoon and enjoy all the fine restaurants.

You might be interested in visiting Iceland's first and brand new whisky and gin distillery, called Eimverk distillery, or visit the beer School in Reykjavik.

Did you know?:

From the year 1915 until 1989 beer was forbidden in Iceland. This made beer especially exciting and a reason many travelled abroad. Icelanders, being a resourceful nation made fake beers simply by mixing pilsner with strong drinks. We even had several pubs specialising in this and selling this bizarre mix as beer.

We all remember where we were on March 1st 1989, the atmosphere was unique and festive. We had journalists from all over the world here to witness us enjoying the first day of beer drinking. Since 1989 a lot has changed and we offer some of the finest beers in the world ( or so we think). During recent years several breweries have opened here in Iceland and make fine beer.
Why not spend an afternoon visiting our local beer school in Reykjavík where you can taste some of the beer we brew here?

For more information, please contact, Harpa Hlin,

Best regards, Harpa Hlín