Salmon fishing in Iceland, Brennan junction pool

Brennan is the junction pool of Thverá and Hvítá rivers. With its charming lodge and 3 rods it is a perfect location for small groups and families.

Hvitá is a glacial river where thousands of salmon venture through to enter some of the finest salmon rivers in Iceland. Still, the salmon seem to amass in only a very few places in the Hvitá river, or at the junction of the major salmon rivers, such as Nordurá and Thverá/Kjarrá rivers.

Brennan is the juntion pool of Thverá river and is the main area where 300 – 500 salmon are caught each summer plus a lot of sea trout. The fishing area is approx. 1,5 km long.

The best time to fish Brennan is from mid June until mid August.

The accomodation is two houses each containing two bedrooms, a sitting area, a large garden and a veranda with a hot tub. Anglers choose to either arrange their own meals or to have a chef come in and provide them.

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