Fishing in Iceland 2016

The salmon fishing in Iceland was superb in 2015 and many rivers had the most number of salmon caught ever this summer.
2015 was fourth in the number of salmon caught since we started registering the numbers in our rivers.

As you can imagine many anglers are returning for their week of fishing and therefore there is not much available.

Still luckily we have a few good options for you to think about. We have top days available on the following rivers:

High class rivers with full service lodge:

  • Kjarrá, 7 rod river - top class
  • Thverá, 7 rod river
  • Laxá in Dölum, 4 - 6 rod river
  • West Rangá river, 16 rod river
  • Grímsá 8 rod river, West Iceland
  • Big Laxá, 8 rod river with few but BIGGEST salmon in Iceland

Very interesting self catering options:

  • Brennan, 3 rod junction pool of Thverá and Hvítá
  • Straumar, 2 rod junction pool of Nordurá and Hvítá
  • Fnjóská, 8 rod river near Akureyri in North Iceland
  • Hólsá 4 rods, the lowest part of West Rangá, before this was beat number 1
  • Leirvogsá

For more information, please contact Harpa or Stefan

Best regards, Harpa Hlín