Sea angling in Iceland

Sea angling is a very nice way to experience the best Iceland has to offer.

Pure nature, fresh ingredients and the experience of catching your own meal with stunning views.

Enjoy Sea angling in Akranes, on Iceland‘s unspoiled coastline. Sea angling can be done the whole year round, but the best weather is from May through September making this the best time for this type of fishing tour. But saying that the largest cod is often caught during the winter.
The area where our anglers fish is not over fished so we only need to sail for about 30 minutes to reach the first good fishing grounds.

Sea angling suits everyone, it is a great sport for the whole family, but is also popular among the avid freshwater angler who wants to try something completely different.

Species: Cod is about 80% of the catch. Black and silver flanked saithe, haddock and wolfish are also caught. Locations of redfish are well known and from the end of June each year mackerel can be caught easily. There is also a chance to catch some big halibut, but they are rather rare. We have three boats that take up to 6 anglers each.

Often we see whales on the tours and you have the option of adding an hour to the tour giving you time to sail to the whale area and combine fishing and whale watching.

Our experienced captains look forward to welcoming you on board. They will take you to the best fishing grounds the bay offers and give you a great insight into this fantastic Icelandic tradition. If you haven´t been sea angling before, don´t worry, it is very easy, and our crew will happily assist you and pass on their knowledge.

In total we have 3 boats and 3 apartments in Akranes, so max number of guests can be 18 anglers.

Our standard tours are for 1 - 6 people and include 4 nights in a beautiful newly built apartment and 3 days of fishing. Tours are inclusive of:

  • 1 boat for 3 days of fishing
  • 3 bedroom apartment with made up beds for 4 nights
  • fishing tackles
  • captain on boat for up to 8 hours pr. day.
  • Up to 10 kg of packed fish you catch, to bring home

For prices and further information, please contact our office:

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Best regards, Harpa Hlín