How to choose the right salmon river?

There are 150 salmon rivers in Iceland, not to mention all the trout and char rivers we have as well so finding "the best" river might sound tricky.

Iceland Outfitters goal is to provide the best experience possible for anglers wanting to fish in Iceland. It doesn´t matter wether you are an avid angler travelling around the world fishing, fishing for the first time or bringing the family for couple of days of relaxing and fishing, we have several options for you.

For anglers travelling alone, we usually recommend them to fish one of the larger rivers with full service lodges. There it is possible to buy just one rod and share a guide with another angler. For anglers travelling two or more together, they can either take rods on one of our larger rivers, or take a small river/beat to themselves and get a private cottage by the river for the duration of their stay.

The best time for salmon fishing varies between rivers, some are best early on in the season while others bloom late season. The salmon season in Iceland is from the the first days of June and the latest river closes mid October.

The trout season is from April 1st to late October.

Best regards, Harpa Hlín