Fishing in Iceland 2016

Our days are getting longer and we can sense that the fishing season is just around the corner. Trout fishing starts on April 1st, the first salmon rivers open early June and the rest will have opened by the end of June. So as they´s all happening

Although most of the 2016 fishing has been reserved already we still have some good spots available, don´t forget that we have about 100 salmon rivers in Iceland!!

Prime time for

  • Sea trout fishing is in spring and autumn
  • Trout fishing can be good through the season of April – October
  • Salmon fishing, depends on the rivers, but most rivers are best during July and August
  • Arctic char fishing, same as the salmon fishing season.
  • Sea angling May - September

West Rangá

West Rangá is one of the most productive salmon rivers in Iceland and probably the most famous one. Prime time is from mid July to late August.
    • 1 rod, 13th-16th July
    • 3 rods, 11th-13th July
    • 2 rods, 15th-20th August (this was the best week in 2015 with 926 salmon caught)

Laxa In Dölum river

One of those typical Icelandic salmon rivers, crystal clear with lots of beautiful pools. High-quality water, single hand rod, hitch and technical fishing.
    • 1 rod, 14th-18th July


The legendary Langá is a real beauty in West Iceland. There you can fish Atlantic salmon with light rods and small flies.
    • 1 rod 3rd-6th July,
    • 1 rod 24th-27th July
    • 8th-11th August
    • 14th-16th August.


Leirvogsá is one of the most productive rivers in Iceland. It is extremely beautiful and offers a different type of fishing water. It is a small river, fished with light tackle. The river is located within a 15 min drive from the centre of Reykjavik, which makes it possible to choose the best accommodation and dine at the finest restaurants and fish one of the best rivers in Iceland.
    • 2 rods, August 9th-10th (1,5 day of fishing)


A beautiful 8 rod river about 15 min drive from Akureyri in the North. Every two rods share one cottage. This is a big salmon river with an endless number of fishing pools.
    • 2 rods 14th-18th July 4 days fishing.
    • 4 rods 18th-22nd July 4 days fishing.
    • 4 rods 15th-19th August 4 days fishing
    • 2 rods 21st-25th August 4 Days fishing

Straumar junction Beat

Super good salmon fishing in a location that must be one of the most charming places in Iceland. A perfect spot for 2-4 friends, families and couples.
    • 2 rods, 30th June-3rd July
    • 2 rods, 20th-21st July
    • 2 rods, 17th-20th August
    • 2 rods 20th-23rd August

Brenna Junction Beat

3 rod beat in a charming setting. The salmon fishing is good during the summer and the Sea trout is really good during the autumn.
    • 3 rods, 10th-14th June,
    • 3 rods, 5th-9th September
    • 3 rods, 25th-30th September.

Trout and Arctic char fishing season starts on April 1st and ends in October

Icelandoutfitters has a wide variety of custom made fishing trips ranging from just from one day up until a few weeks.

  • Mid highland fishing, amazing experience. Good value for money but quite basic.
  • Trophy Trout, Lake Thingvellir. The famous HUMONGOUS trout.
  • Varma river, only 20 min from Reykjavik. Perfect for a day tour.
  • Galtalækur river, pretty little rod stream
  • West Ranga trout, fly fishing, catch and release. A lot of water for those who seek adventure and are ready to walk and fish hard.
  • Fossá river, beautiful river in a landscape that is out of this world.
  • Reykjadalsá river, this is a perfect option for a group of 4 – 6 anglers spending 3 -6 days.
  • Laxá in Myvatnsveit, the famous Brown trout beat of Big Laxá, full board included
  • Laxá in Laxardalur, the famous Brown trout beat of Big Laxá, full board included.
  • Norðfjardará Arctic char, one of the best Arctic char rivers in Iceland. Only 3 rods so you will have the river all to yourselves.
  • Tungufljót in Skaftafell, Sea trout fishing in South East Iceland. Prime time is during spring and autumn, but the location is really good for staying with the family for a week´s touring and fishing during the summer.


Sea angling is available all year around, but is best when the weather is good. So May – September should be the best. We offer day tours sea angling from Reykjavik and Akranes. Also 3 – 7 day tours where anglers get a boat and a new private apartment for their use

Best regards, Harpa Hlín