Best father and son day ever

Our guide and good friend Silli "The Chef" went to Lake Thingvellir with his 10 year old son Jói to try out his new Salmonlogic 11" 18 gr rod, and they got Lucky, Jói Silli´s son caught a 82cm Brown trout with the new rod with the famous fly Black Ghost which is most popular Streamer in Iceland. Together they had few more and all of them in good sizes, therefore having the best father and son day ever.

We here at Iceland Outfitters like to congratulate Joi an Silli on a great day all round.

Here is Jói Smiling

New rod with the monster.

Our top Guide Silli "The Chef" with a good one and the new Salmonlogic rod.

Jói with another one and the new rod.

Best regards, Stefán