Laxá river in Laxárdalur

Big Laxá, trout beat

Laxá river in Laxardalur is one of the best Brown trout beats in the whole of Iceland and even one of best in the world. I was lucky enough to grow up fishing by the river, and I learned later that my fishing career started in the world's best Brown trout river. I spend more time in and by a river than any where else and I must stay that no place has captured my heart like the trout beats on Big Laxá. On a good summer´s day, this just must be the only place (or among very few places) where you have good chances to catch a few big healthy 4-6 pounder on a dry fly.

This season we have good days available and we have started to book for 2017. I highly recommend the trout fishing on the Big Laxá, there are several beats and a good combo is to do 2-3 days on Laxárdalur and combine it with Myvatnssveit beat. Up North there are also some good salmon rivers like Fnjóská and Big Laxá and many more.

Tight lines


P.S. do you know what Big Laxá means?
It means: a Big Salmon river, and there is a reason for that, the salmon you catch there are the biggest we get in Iceland.

Best regards, Stefán