Salmon fishing in the Kola River in Russia

KOLA - 2 friends fishing 2 days and catch 2 20lbs+

Our friends from Team Iceland Outfitters, Sigvaldi and Gunnar started fishing Kola river yesterday and both of them have already caught salmon over 20 lbs. Gunnar caught 11.5 kg salmon yesterday and Sigvaldi just caught one 10 kg salmon this morning.

They say that the water is good in Kola and they have seen quite a few Salmon. They still have 5 more days to fish so we will bring some fresh news from their trip as soon we get more photos.

Gunnar is really happy with his first Russian Salmon 11.5 kg not bad.

Sigvaldi smiling with 10 Kg Russian salmon

Sigvaldi with one of the best guides in Russia Roman.

Best regards, Stefán