Iceland - Best salmon fishing opening EVER!

Photo from Thverá, the world Famous Dentist Tóti "the tooth". Probably the man who has caught most number of salmon of all anglers in the world

What a beginning! Salmon season in Iceland has started

This is a really amazing beginning to the salmon season. There are only two salmon rivers that have opened and both of them had record openings. Nordurá opened on Saturday and so far about 70 salmon caught. Blandá opened yesterday with 50 salmon for the day, which is amazingly good.
Every day we hear stories from most rivers that people has spotted salmon. A good friend of ours went up to Thvera river the other day and saw at least 20 2sw salmon lying in Kadlastaðahyl. Thvera and Kjarra will open on the June 12th and we are looking forward to it.

Tight lines


Ingó with a good one from Kjarra.

One of the best pools in Kjarrá Kirkjustrengur

Best regards, Stefán