Iceland - Fnjóská river opened with 6 salmon caught

Fnjóská, 8 rod salmon river in North Iceland

Fnjóská river is located in North Iceland, just about 15 minutes drive from Akureyri.

Fnjóská prime time is in August, so landing 6 salmon in the first opening day is really good. Last year was touch on Fnjóská as we had a long winter with the river being frozen until June. This year is different, the weather has been much better and the conditions are good.

The prices for salmon fishing in Fnjóská are really fair and we have some good dates still available if you have not booked your fishing holiday yet.

Fnjóská is what we call a self-catering river, where every two rods share one cottage with two bedrooms. There are brand new cottages by the river opening in the next few days.

Best regards, Harpa Hlín