2016 salmon season in Iceland

ICELAND - How often have we anglers experienced that we should have been there few days before or later?

Well, for the anglers who did decide to visit Iceland early this year, sure have hit the jackpot.

Prime time for salmon fishing in Iceland is July and August, depending on rivers. June and September can be very good but there is always a certain risk of the salmon not arriving early. But when it does, boy! it is the most fun time of the year to fish. The 2SW salmon arrive before the grilse does so anglers have been mostly catching big salmon and who would not like to do that?

The first 3 days of West Rangá river anglers caught 255 salmon, many between 90-97 cm long. (20 rods)

Langá, first day 32 salmon were caught on 8 rods

Haukadalsá, first day opened with 10 salmon in difficult conditions, 5 rods

Ellidaá rivers that run through Reykjavik were opened with 21 salmon in 1 day, 4 rods.

We still have few good rivers that have not opened already.

Well, back to the predictions for the rest of the season. Of course, no one can tell how the season will continue, but anglers are optimistic. We have had years with where all the 2SW came early but then, the grilse did not really arrive or at least only few.

But this year, the grilse have started arriving and they are in very good conditions, fat and strong (which is a good thing if you are a salmon).

where will you be fishing this summer?

Best regards, Harpa Hlín