Dry weather, but good times in Iceland

Summer and anglers are here..

.. but we need rain!

This is our most favourite time of year when we finally get to meet most of our anglers that we have been talking to all winter. Some we are meeting for the first time and others we have known for many years. The best feeling in the world is to welcome guests when they arrive and to see them leave again after a good and successful visit to Iceland.

The salmon fishing season started with a big blast in Iceland, but now we have had no rain for many weeks and temperatures are up to and over 20°C, which is a heatwave on Iceland's standard.

Sometimes it is difficult to drive around Iceland as I want to stop everywhere to take pictures. The pictures here below were shot last night at midnight. I was going to bathe in the natural hot tub and enjoy the fine Swiss chocolate, but the tub was already taken so the car had to do.

Day tour sea angling

Best regards, Harpa Hlín