Arctic Char fishing in Greenland 2017

Best Arctic char fishing in the world?

Iceland Outfitters are offering the fly fishing for Arctic char in Greenland, which is one of the most enjoyable experiences achievable in the Arctic circle, The rivers are full of Arctic char and the scenery is truly stunning, Greenland is covered by a large glacier and in almost every fjord you can see it creeping its way down to the ocean where large icebergs the sizes of big blocks are floating, making it a remarkable sight. Even with the Icebergs floating around you will be amazed about the mild climate but during summer the weather in South Greenland is similar to the weather in Oslo and Helsinki. Greenland is a magnificent and rustic land with warm and wonderful people. Greenland is most definately a must see for all nature lovers.

Arctic Char fishing in Greenland simply must be the best Arctic char fishing in the whole world. There are numerous rivers that you will fish in South Greenland, the only change to get to most of them is by boat so you often feel like you are the first person there. The rivers are different in character and sizes which makes the fishing even more exciting. Prime time for Arctic Char fishing is July - August but fishing is still good in September.

2017 Fishing tours are operated from July 15 - September 10

  • Accommodation: Guesthouse in Narsaq village.
  • Fishing: Starts early in the morning after breakfast, anglers are picked up by their guides who then sail with them to the rivers. In the evening the guides take the anglers back to the hotel where a hot meal and a warm bed are waiting.
  • Fishing tackle: Single handed rod 9-10 feet, floating line in weight 5-8,
  • Flies: All streamers in white, orange, pink. Nymphs, dry flies work sometimes well too.

Iceland Outfitters offers, 3, 4 and 7 night tours to Narsarsuaq.
All tours are private for 1 - 6 people so people buy 1 boat with a captain/guide for their stay.

For prices, please contact or call +354 4662680

Best regards, Harpa Hlín