Icelandic goose hunters discovered tenth century viking sword

Goose hunters found an archaeological treasure

Last weekend a group of Icelandic goose hunters accidentally found an important archaeological treasure when hunting in the area of Eldvatn river in South Iceland. It was a Viking sword just lying on the ground, completely exposed with no sand on it. The Cultural Heritage Centre of Iceland believe it is a very important discovery, but the last sword found was over a decade ago. Only 20 swords have been found in Iceland.

The Viking swordwill now be examined to determine its origin and age. Experts believe it was placed in a pagan grave at the beginning of Iceland´s settlement in the tenth century.

An excavation took place yesterday by the lagoon at Eldvatn and nearest area. The archaeologists did some digging and looked at the site. Surprised they did not find any traces of human activity in the area, which is very unusual.

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