Arrangement of Ptarmigan hunting season 2016

Arrangement of Rock Ptarmigan hunting season 2016

Sigrún Magnúsdóttir, Minister for the Environment and Natural Recources, has informed the arrangement of ptarmigan hunting this year will be similar as in the past three years. The hunting season is between October 28 to November 20, It divides in four weekends, total 12 days.

Permissible total catch this year is 40.000 birds based on the number of hunters last year, that is 5-6 birds per hunter. Still it is not aloud to sell the catch.

The ptarmigan population is not large at the present and has been struggling last years. Measurements show fewer ptarmigan this year than last year. Sustainability of the population is important and one of Government´s policy, as well as other living natural resources.

The hunting days 2016 are:

    • October 28 (Friday) – October 30 (Sunday): 3 days
    • Novemer 4 (Friday) – November 6 (Sunday). 3 days
    • Novemer 11 (Friday) – November 13 (Sunday). 3 days
    • Novemer 18 (Friday) – November 20 (Sunday). 3 days

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