Laxá river in Dölum 2018

Laxá in Dölum

The salmon fishing on the Laxa river in dölum has been on fire the last few years after changing the river to flyfishing only. It is really interesting to see the result and to see number of salmon in the river.

Laxá river in Dölum is fantastic for light tackle fishing, small flies, riffling flies and has quite a lot of bigger salmon to which makes Laxa river in Dölum one of the most interesting options available. The lodge is really cosy with 6 guest rooms and there are only 4-6 rods in the river, 4 rods until end of July and 6 rods after that.

The 2017 season left the Laxá river in Dölum FULL of salmon and we think Laxá in Dölum is one of the very best and most interesting options for salmon fishing in Iceland in 2018.

We have few rods open in the party 11-14 August.

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Best regards, Stefán