The perfect salmon fishing combination 2017

Salmon fishing in Iceland 2017

Dear angler who is thinking about salmon fishing in Iceland 2017, we have really nice suggestion for you. How about joining us fishing some of the very best salmon rivers in Iceland? These options are recommended by our staff at Iceland Outfitters and here is why.

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Lower East Ranga 2-5 August. Major salmon river in Iceland, known for its high volume of numbers, between 20-30 thousand salmon swim through this beat every season. There is a really good lodge. And only 6 rods fish the 20 km private beat. Prime time is mid July - mid August

Kjarrrá 5-8 August one of the finest classic and traditional salmon river in Iceland. Anglers are stunned by its beauty, privacy and high number of big salmon. Fishing Kjarrá, you are ALONE with nature. Kjarrá offers technical fishing and a very good lodge with first class meals and good staff.

Lower East Ranga 5-8 August. Same story as above, one of the most productive river in Iceland. These days would go well with Kjarrá here above, or with Laxá in Dölum, see below.

Laxa river in Dölum 8-11 August. Extremely nice river with an easy access to most pools. A really good lodge with fine meals, and only 6 rods in the river. Laxa river in Dölum has been on fire for the last two years after it was changed to fly only and mostly C&R. The river is technical, fished with small flies, hitch and micro flies. There is quite a lot of bigger salmon in Laxá in Dölum.

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