Salmon fishing in Iceland

Salmon fishing in Iceland 2017

Dear friends, 

It is that time again, time to plan your fishing tour to Iceland.  We are happy to introduce to you some of the finest rivers and best fishing dates Iceland has to offer.  

Here below you find a sample of where you could be fishing next summer.  We have collected only dates and rivers we would like to fish ourselves and we sure hope you will come and fish with us again for next year.  

Iceland has about 100 salmon rivers in all sizes and number of salmon.  Many anglers are looking for the technical, crystal clear, sea through water where you can fish with a single handed rod and riffling hitch.   While others prefer a larger river that often is more productive and where we use a double handed rod.   

Iceland Outfitters has a good selection of both small rivers where you can take the river privately for your group/family and also a larger river where you can even travel alone and be a part of a larger fishing party. 

Let's start planning your next fishing adventure

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Laxá in Dölum

4 – 6 rod salmon river in West Iceland. A fine, classic salmon river with crystal clear water, easy access to most pools and a very nice lodge.
  • August 8 – 11 (afternoon – noon)
  • August 14 – 17 (afternoon – noon)


7 rod salmon river. Kjarra ís one of the most prestigious salmon river Iceland has to offer. Kjarrá is highly sought after and hard to come by rods there. Lodge is one of the finest and is known for high quality service and meals.

  • August 5 – 8 (afternoon – noon)

Langá river

12 rod river in West Iceland. Most anglers know Langá river but it is very charming with a lot of different challenging pools.

  • August 1 – 4 (afternoon – noon)
  • August 7 – 10 (afternoon – noon)

Laxá in Kjós

8 – 10 rod salmon river in about 30 min drive from Reykjavik. Kjós is a very beautiful river with many famous fishing pools. We offer August fishing on Kjós which is on a reasonable price and a perfect combination with Laxá in Dölum

  • August 17 – 20 (afternoon – noon)

Lower Rangá/ Hólsá

20 km long beat fished with only 6 rods. Lower Rangá is the lowest part of East and West Rangá rivers and where the rivers come to gether towards the sea. About 20-30.000 salmon run through this beat every year. There is a fine 6 bedroom lodge for the beat.

  • July 15 – 19 (afternoon – noon)
  • July 19 – 22 (afternoon – noon)
  • August 1 – 5 (afternoon – noon)


3 rod river in the West Fjords. Guests take the river privately and usually there is one guide for the river. Laugardalsá is a very good river with prime time in July

  • July 21 – 24 (afternoon – noon)

Brennan junction pool

3 rod beat, the junction of Thverá and Hvítá rivers. Brennan is the next junction above Straumar Junction pool and both beats are very popular amongst both Icelandic and international anglers. The catches in Brennan can sometimes be unreal. Prime time is July

  • June 18 - 20
  • July 19 – 23 (afternoon – noon)

Straumar junction pool

2 rod beat in West Iceland. By many this is one of the most charming and relaxing fishing beats in Iceland. The oldest fishing lodge that is still being used as such, serves the anglers in Straumar junction pool. There are 2 bedrooms in the old lodge and there is another guesthouse with 2 bedrooms next to it.
  • July 21 - 23
  • July 23 – 26

Krossá in Skardsströnd

2 rod river with a nice lodge. Do you want to have a small and beautiful river for yourself? This is it. A nice little lodge very good for families or a small group of friends

  • July 29 – August 1 (afternoon – noon)
  • August 1 – 4 (afternoon – noon)


We think it is safe to say that one of the very best September fishing in Iceland is the two rod salmon river Fossá, located in South Iceland in about 1 hours drive from Reykjavik.

Super combos – FULL SERVICE

  • Kjarrá, June 15 – 18 (afternoon – noon)
  • Thverá, June 18 – 20 (afternoon – noon)

  • Kjarrá, August 5 – 8 (afternoon – noon)
  • Laxá in Dölum, August 8 – 11 (afternoon – noon)

  • Langá, August 1 – 4 (afternoon – noon)
  • Lower Rangá, August 4 – 7 (afternoon – noon)

Best regards, Harpa Hlín