Fly fishing in Argentina, March 11 - 18 ( Good offer )

Rio Gallegos, Buitreras lodge

Our good friend Steingrímur Einarsson is hosting a sea-run brown trout fishing tour to Argentina in March.

Steingrimur Einarsson is the founder and CEO of Einarsson Fly Fishing in Iceland, a premium fly reel manufacturer. A fly angler since the age of seven, Steingrimur grew up fishing the legendary river “Sog” where the river falls from the great “Lake Thingvellir”, the home of the powerful “ice age” brown trout.

March 11 - 18

  • Fishing Sunday - Friay
  • Arrive/depart Saturdays

Rio Gallegos

The incomparable Rio Gallegos meanders more than 360km through desolate pampa wastelands before if finally merges into the raging Atlantic ocean close to the straight of Magellan. In it’s ineffable beauty a journey worth itself, it becomes the cynosure of dedicated fly anglers worldwide as soon as the winter ice melts to expose the rivers so sought after searun brown trout. While their sheer size of up to 30lb+ leaves anglers and spectators alike awestruck, it’s their raging temper beyond compare that feeds the addiction of getting connected to these fish. Solid Adventures Las Buitreras lodge is home to the most prolific beats on the Rio Gallegos, consisting of over 40 kms of both sides private water comprising over 50 named pools!

The Las Buitreras beat

The Las Buitreras section of this stunning river is our own little chrome treasure and once it grabs hold of you, it never lets go. The fishing is exciting and varied with pools ranging from deep stony runs to cut banks and streamy shingle flats. Relatively shallow, the river makes for easy wading, obviating the need for fast sinking lines and creating an exciting and challenging fishing environment. Fishing is mainly done using single hand rods or light double hand rods rigged with floating or slow intermediate lines. Long casting is not the focus but rather to control the fly and always be ready. The takes are often violent and these fish really puts on a show once they are hooked! It is this variety in combination with the visually inspiring mountainous outcrops, that makes this part of the Rio Gallegos quite simply one of the most spectacular stretches of fly fishing water in Patagonia. Sometimes explosive, always challenging, fishing for sea trout requires a level of skill, watercraft and understanding that can frustrate the average salmon angler. However, armed with the correct knowledge to unlock these secrets the fishing on the Rio Gallegos can be immensely rewarding and highly addictive.

Best regards, Harpa Hlín