Big Salmon in North Iceland

Fnjóská, 8 rod salmon river in North Iceland

One of our favourite salmon rivers Fnjoská is open for bookings for 2017 and there are still few rods available

There are brand new cottages for the river, every two rods share one cottage and there is one main house with a large living room where anglers can meet.

This is the perfect setup for friends and family.

There are four beats on the Fnjoská river. The price is very reasonable and the river is amazing.

The Fnjóská river is located in the North of Iceland, just 20 min drive from Akureyri and only 45 min drive to Lake Myvatn and Husavik. Prime time for Fnjóská is from mid-July and through August.

In the Fnjóska area, there are several Arctic char rivers and some of the best Brown trout beats in whole Iceland, so it is good idea to mix salmon and trout/arctic char fishing in the same trip.

Available rods 2017.

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Best regards, Stefán