Fishing in Iceland, Fnjóská river.

Fnjóská river is one of our absolute favourite rivers in Iceland. It is located in the absolutely beautiful Fnjóskardalur valley, with plenty of clear water trough the summer with average catch around 500 salmon pr year and a lot of Arctic char. Fnjóská is a large and strong river with really nice fly water and is perfect for small double handed rods and floating line. In the bottom part is a canyon which is really good early in the season and I have heard many stories from that part of the river about the big one getting away. The anglers can choose between a self catering lodge or a full service lodge. Akureyri, the capital of the north is only a 10 min drive from the river.
Fnjóská is on the north coast close to the heart of the best Brown trout fishing available in Iceland, so it would be perfect to combine Brown Trout fishing and salmon fishing in one trip.

Bottom beat, Malareyri which is one of the better pools in the river.

Netting salmon up in the valley

A view over the bottom beat, a really good beat early season.

Happy angler.

C&R good karma.

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