Small sea trout and salmon stream

Leirá river

Leirá river is an interesting option for 2 anglers or a family with 1 - 2 children/teenagers.

Leirá is a two rod salmon and sea trout river, located only 20 min drive from Reykjavík. It is known for its good sea trout fishing in April. Salmon starts to enter the river mid July and its prime time for salmon is end of July until mid September.

There are several lake fishing options very close to the river, so it is ideal to spend up to a week fishing Leirá and it neighborhood lakes.

There is a small hut by the river, with 1 twin bedroom and a sleeping loft. NB! the sleeping loft is not safe for young children.

The prices are very reasonable for Leirá and guests are paying similar for the hut with the fishing as for a hotel night in Reykjavik.

The fishing on Leirá is quite straight forward so guests usually choose to only have an introduction to the river when they arrive and then fish on their own for few days.

For further information, please contact Harpa or Stefán

tel: +354 466 2680

Best regards, Harpa Hlín