Fishing in Iceland this summer

2017 salmon fishing availability in Iceland

Still have not planned your fishing holiday this year? Well, there is still a change to catch the big one. Here are few very good options still available for this years salmon fishing in Iceland.

Straumar Junction pool

  • July 23 - 26 (afternoon - noon)
2 rod salmon fishing beat privately for you and your friends.

This might be the most productive fishing days in July. Straumar is the junction of Nordura and Hvítá river located 1 hour from Reykjavik.
Accommodation is in the oldest fishing lodge in Iceland, still being used as such. Well kept and comfortable but you feel the history staying there.


Brennan Junction pool,

  • July 19 - 21 (afternoon - noon)
  • July 26 - 27 (afternoon - noon)
3 rod salmon fishing beat, privately.

Brennan is the junction of Thverá and Hvítá rivers. Prime time is July and the fishing there can be extraordinary.

There are 4 twin bedrooms at the lodge and one guide will show you around the beat.


Skjálfandafljót river,

  • July 21 - 23 (3 full days), 2 rods available
  • August 8 - 10 (3 full days), 3 rods available

Here you fish for BIG salmon. There are 6 rods that fish the river and the average catch is 600 salmon. NOT BAD! Big and powerful river with big and strong salmon.

Lower Rangá,

  • July 18 - 20 (morning - noon), 2 rods available for 2,5 days
  • August 1 - 3 (afternoon - noon). All 6 rods available for 2 days
  • August 6 - 8 (afternoon - noon), 3 rods available for 2 days

Lower Rangá is the last 8 km of East Rangá river, the junction of East and West Rangá river and the last 13 km towards the sea. July/Early August is the PRIME TIME for Lower Rangá and the lodge is beautiful. 6 bedroom ensuite lodge.

Best regards, Harpa Hlín