Winter is here and so is the hunting season

The days are getting shorter every day now. Now it gets bright around 9.00 in the morning and dark again around 17.00. In about a month we will have about 3-4 hours of daylight until the day begins to get longer again.

The hunting season is on, we are hunting some geese and yesterday our hunters shot 17 geese and a few ducks in the morning, In about 2 weeks time the geese will leave Iceland, but we will still hunt ducks through the winter.

Ptarmigan season is now, but doesn´t last long only for 4 weekends, so we have 2 weekends left to go. The weather was really bad last weekend which made the hunt difficult, but fingers crossed for the next two weekends.

A really nice morning and good hunt.

Harpa running after a good drop.

Everything looks so beautiful when the sun comes up.

Two Ptarmigan down after 5 hours walk.

Best regards, Stefán