Salmon fishing in Iceland

Salmon season opening - Available rods

Every year anglers rush to book their fishing in June to join the opening of the salmon season as it always gets fully booked right away.

Recently we got a cancellation in the famous Kjarra river and Thvera river, so you have the chance to join us!

Kjarra river - One rod: June 15th - 18th

Kjarra river has all the qualities that make Icelandic rivers famous. With the crystal clear water and an endless variety of pools it is one of the top scoring, high quality rivers in Iceland. Kjarra river is the perfect river for hitch and stripping small flies with a floating line. The landscape is extraordinary. You feel like you are fishing in the middle of nowhere, with no farms around so it is only you and nature, which is one many charms of this river.

The Kjarra lodge is known for its first class meals and service. Chefs from the best restaurants in Reykjavik are in charge of the lodge during the season.

Thvera river - Two rods: June 18th - 20th

Thvera river is known to be one of the most prestige fly fishing rivers in Iceland. The good and steady salmon fishing in the 107 diverse fly fishing pools makes Thvera river one of the most popular rivers in Iceland. It is the lower part of the legendary Thvera/Kjarra river system.

The comfortable lodge by Thvera river is known for its high class services. Anglers are provided with meals from one of Iceland's award winning chefs, including a continental breakfast in the morning, two course lunch and a three course meal in the evening.

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