Trout fishing in Iceland, Laxá river in Myvatnsveit

One of the best Brown Trout areas in the world is up in the highlands of North Iceland, in a place called Myvatnsveit. The river is called Laxá in Myvatnsveit and is without doubt one of the most interesting rivers we know.

In the beginning of the season beat head and nymph fishing work best on the brownies, but July and August is the dry fly season. It is hard to find a more beautiful place on earth and the river is full of fish in good size. Here is a good reason to travel, COME OVER TO FISH in Laxá in Myvatnssveit :)

Happy Angler

Good Size Brown trout.

C&R good karma..

A good 4-5 pounder fish.

The lodge in Myvatnsveit.

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