Urridafoss opening today

The official opening of the season in Urridafoss is today

As we wrote yesterday, the first salmon of the season in Iceland was caught yesterday in Urridafoss waterfall in Thjorsa river, today is though the official opening of Urridafoss and the first salmon was caught early in the morning, it did not take long time for the anglers, Haukur H. Ómarsson and Hrafn. H. Hauksson to catch the first salmon of the day. It was caught on Franc N Snaelda.

Shortly after the first salmon was caught, Stefan Sigurdsson, the owner of Iceland Outfittes, caught another beautiful salmon on a German Snaelda.

The weather hasn't been the best but the anglers are happy and there is plenty of fish, that is what matters!

It is a great beginning and a good sign for the season, Urridafoss is full of fish and definitely one of the hot spots for fly fishing in Iceland this summer.

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