Photos from last year opening in Urridafoss

What a day in Urridafoss!

here below is the news day after the opening last summer, but to morrow, we will open Urriðafoss waterfall which is 5 days earlier than a year before. Let's hope the salmon has arrived, we will keep you updated.

We can surely say that we have some very happy anglers after yesterday's fishing in Urridafoss waterfall on Thjorsa river. The first salmon was caught very early in the morning, at noon there had been caught 8 salmons. The final number for this opening day was 18 salmons, all were big and beautiful or between 80-88 cm.

It was a great day in Urridafoss, great atmosphere and definitely a good way to start the season. Urridafoss will be one of the hot spots this summer, that is for sure.

Here you have some pictures from the opening, if you would like to get more info about fishing in Urridafoss please contact:




Best regards, Johanna G