Salmon caught in Brennan junction pool

Big and beautiful salmon in Brennan

The first salmon has been caught in Brennan junction pool, it was a local farmer, Magnus Magnusson, that caught the beautiful 104 cm salmon. The official opening of Brennan is tomorrow.

Brennan is the junction pool of Thvera river and Hvita river. It is a 3 rod beat with a very nice self catering cottage, located in Borgarfjordur.

Hvita river is a glacial river where thousands of salmon venture through to enter some of the finest salmon rivers in Iceland. Still, the salmon seem to amass in only a very few places in the Hvita river and those places are mostly at the junctions of the major salmon rivers.

The main spot being the Brennan Junction pool with 300-500 salmon caught each summer plus a lot of sea trout.

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