Descend into a volcano

Descend into a volcano

When we are not busy fishing or hunting we are busy exploring and trying out new things. We are so lucky here in Iceland, even though you are local, you can always find new things to try and explore, there is endless of extraordinary and fun things to see and do, what a privilege.

One of our favorites is descending into a volcano called Thrihnjukagigur. Yes, like most of our volcanoes, totally unpronounceable unless you are a native, so we shall use the translation which is Three Peaks Crater. The tour itself takes around 5-6 hours.

The volcano is to be found just 20 km (13 miles) from Reykjavik, and after about a 45 minute hike across the lava fields accompanied by a guide you arrive at Thrihnukagigur. Next step is to descend into one of these volcanic craters, which is quite dormant, it erupted last time for about 4000 years ago. The whole scenario is breathtaking and the experience is totally out of this world.

The colours and lava formations are truly stunning, nowhere else it is possible to see an empty magma chamber and literally journey into a volcano, this is one of those things that just cannot be missed.

On this tour, safety comes first, you are issued with helmets and a harness. The tour itself is not that complicated, the fitness level needed is moderate. The whole trip from beginning to end is carried out very professionally and with great care.

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Best regards, Johanna G