The opening of Laxa in Dolum

Great opening in Laxa in Dolum

The first day of the opening of Laxa in Dolum was today, we can happily say that the season starts really well in Laxa in Dalir as in other salmon rivers in Iceland this year. 8 salmon were caught in the morning and the river is full of fish and very big ones! We are still waiting for the final numbers for the day.

The first salmon was caught by Aevar Sveinsson in Hoskuldsstadarstrengur pool, it was 83 cm and caught in his first cast!

On the picture you can see Harpa, one of the owners of Iceland Outfitters, with a beautiful 95 cm female. It gave her a big fight but she managed to land it in the end. She caught it on Sean Stanton hitch tube, Serenity switch rod from Salmologic and Einarsson reel.

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Best regards, Johanna G